Here are photos from my hometown Lidköping. from both summer and winter, we live the pretty far north so it's harsh winters and sometimes hot summers , as we had this fine summer 2013.



Photo from a farm silo that is 60 meters high and is located in the harbor, photo taken towards the city.




 Lacko Castle which is located out on Kållandsö a bit out of Vänern.





 Photo taken from my work early in the  morning, summer 2013. 



 Photo taken from the old Lidköping, and my grandfather went around in the early 1900's, and lit all the gas lamps in the streets at night and put off tomorrow....






 Then came the first snow too Lidkoping. It started with wind and rain on 2013-12-06 blew up to 25 m / s and the night of Saturday, 2013-12-07 came first snow and today 2013-12-08 has been snowing most of the day.







The 23/12-13 day before Christmas Eve, it looked like this sunshine and blue skies and no snow, and temeraturen has been around +5 degrees Celsius.


 A little card from my Sunday walk along the river 5/1-2014, still no snow and the temperature today is +4 c So wondering if there will be any snow in winter.









 Woke up to snow this Sunday morning 2014-01-12. And freezing temperatures it will be winter now, or is it only temporary. We'll see what happens the next few days

















January 14, 2014 so the snow is pouring down at 17.30 local time. So now we have winter again. So here comes some new winter photos taken during the evening promenade. 









We've had winter and snow throughout January with freezing temperatures.




Today is 2/2-2014, and it has rained a bit during the night and we have 3 degrees today and thaw weather.







Photo from Lidkoping 1950......














































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